DVD Exchange

You probably have at least one DVD you’re unlikely to want to watch again. It doesn’t make sense to leave it on a shelf just gathering dust or in a drawer simply taking up space. But what to do with it? Sell it on an auction site? You could but many DVDs while they cost a lot to buy new quickly become of low-value, and much of what you might get for it would be eaten up in fees.

So why not instead exchange it for something that you DO want to watch? If YOU wanted it once, surely someone else out there will want it too? Exchanging it is a far less expensive option than selling one then buying another. But how to go about finding someone who wants your DVD. And if you do, what are the chances of the same person also having a DVD you now want? That’s where Disc-over.me comes in. The person who wants your DVD doesn’t have to have one that you want, just one that SOMEONE wants. So how would that work?

You can swap a DVD that has outlived its appeal for something fresh to watch in just the five simple steps shown to the right. Click each step for more details. We recommend doing it in order … but it’s up to you. Don’t blame us if you don’t, then get confused! The service isn’t live yet, nor registration open, but it will be soon. Go to the Members page to sign up to be notified when it is.