Item purchased:
20 April, 2016 22:54
Back to School: Spring Term … 7 tracks (Promo CD) – #222080010249 – £1.37 (£1.25 + 12p uplift for 1st class postage)
Message from buyer:
22 April, 2016 12:25

Hello, I don’t appreciate paying extra money for delivery for the item not to be delivered, it may only be 12p but it’s the principal of paying especially to have the item by today and it not arriving.

Message to buyer:
22 April, 2016 15:06

Thank you for expressing your concerns. The additional payment is for the item to be sent first class post instead of my usual economy mail, not ‘next day delivery’. If you read the delivery data on the listing you’ll see that I offer to post items within one working day of payment being received. You purchased this at just before 11pm on the 20th … so technically the 21st as far as ‘working day’ goes. I’m currently working night shifts, so although it was posted yesterday, it happened in the evening and therefore will have caught tonight’s post very early, rather than yesterday’s very late. This is the ‘one working day’. Therefore in theory it should be with you tomorrow, though ‘next day delivery’ with first class mail is a Royal Mail aim, not a guarantee.

You will see, from the kind comments on my profile, that post is usually fast from where I am, so hopefully it’s an aim that will be met, though I have no more control over it once an item is posted than anyone else. It’s also a matter of purchase timing. I’ve just noticed a very recent feedback comment advising that they received their purchase within 48 hours … which would have been sent economy mail … so in their case everything must have just ‘fallen into place’.

I generally speaking process purchases in the order they were notified, not by the postage type requested, and aim to get everything processed as soon as possible after its bought, and out in my next trip to the post office, of which I usually make one. Occassionally, if I’m going out, I’ll make a second visit to a post box, though this obviously only mkes sense if I know this will enable items to catch an earlier collection (day, rather than time) than if I left them till my normal visit.

So in summary the extra twelve pence is for the item to be posted first class, which it was, not for ‘next day delivery’.

Best regards


Message from buyer:
22 April, 2016 15:40

Yes and if you check the status of payment you will see I paid on Wednesday, there’s no point in charging extra if the item comes on the same day as 2nd class post. It’s fraud

Message to buyer:
22 April, 2016 18:50

Yes, Wednesday at 22:54:12 according to the time printed right on this email as the sale time. … i.,e. sixty six minutes before it would be Thursday the 21st. I’d be interestd in knowing how many people would think it either reasonable or practical for something ordered by email to be processed and posted within that time. I think most would agree processing the next day is both reasonable and to be expected. It was indeedd processed the next day, and also posted. So within the timeframe ‘as advertised’ of one working day. I reiterate that the additional cost is for the method of sending. I have no control over how long it takes for an iem to reach you once posted, other than whether it is sent first class or economy. I also doubt, had it been sent economy, that it would have reached you at the same time as if it was sent first class, though it’s possible. My reference to something else being delivered within 48 hours when sending economy post, if this is what has prompted your comment, was meant as an example of how things can work out.

So, in summary, the item was offered for sale with an aim to be posted for a purchase to be posted within one working day. This is what happened. There was an option to pay the additional cost for it to be sent first class. This costs 9p. There is an additional eBay commision of 10%, so this is a penny. The additional PayPal commission should also be a penny, but as the original price is on a cusp of miving it to a higher bracket, it actally works out at 2p … so 12p in total. There is no element of profit in the charge, just an opportunity for those who want things a little quicker to choose to do so. So the item was sent first class … again as promised.

I fail to see where ‘fraud’ comes in to it, and can only assume that you don’t have anything to do with the legal system, and that this is a good thing.



Message from buyer:
22 April, 2016 19:39

I’m simply saying it was ordered Wednesday I had the dispatched notification Thursday morning therefore it would be here by today, I’m not bothered about the 12p postage I’m more bothered that you lied about your services and false advertisement can get you into a lot of trouble. I paid for first class yet it’s going to arrive the same day the (free) 2nd class postage would have arrived your getting a bad review for these troubles.

Feedback left:
22 April, 2016 19:42:59

Paid for delivery by Friday did not come, poor communication and rude attitude!

Message to buyer:
22 April, 2016 20:03

As I’ve explained twice before, I’ve done exactly what I said I’d do in the listing, and it’s your purported expectations which are totally unrealistic and / or ill informed, or you’re deliberately trying to make an issue where there is none. The very fact you’re still saying it would arrive the same day as 2nd class shows that you either are too stupid to understand, or are deliberately choosing not to do so. So go ahead and leave negative feedback. I, in turn, will publish details of your purchase and our message exchange, and we’ll leave readers to decide whether I’m acting fraudulently, or you’re an idiot (or malicious). I’m fairly confident which conclusion they’ll draw.


PS: Feel free to raise an issue with eBay. When they’ve finished laughing we’ll see if they’re able to explain in a way you can comprehend, where I’ve obviously failed to do so.

Message from buyer:
22 April, 2016 20:06

There’s no need for your attitude Kevin, calling customers idiots that’s going to go down well.

PS. I don’t care for your tone.

Message to buyer:
22 April, 2016 20:33

I am trying to get ready for work, as well as process purchases from other customers before doing so, so I don’t have the time right now for a considered reply. I will do so tomorrow, when I have the time to do so.


Message from buyer:
22 April, 2016 20:43

I have no interest in your worthless disrespectful replies Kevin. You get yourself ready for work it’s Friday I’m sure the corner of tibb street is busy enough for you tonight.

Message from buyer:
23 April, 2016 15:28

Oh yes Kevin that’s really first class isn’t it. And you had the cheek to call me an idiot? Your a malicious nasty piece of fraudulent work, karma is a fucking bitch, prick.

Message to buyer:
23 April, 2016 20:14

Firstly, let’s be clear. I don’t care whether or not you are interested in my replies. I am publishing our email exchange exactly as it was, without any additional comments or notes by myself. I am therefore replying for the benefit of any readers rather than for your own. I have, quite a while ago, realised that rationality, tact, and the facts are wasted on you.

Let’s address the negative feedback comment:

“Paid for delivery by Friday did not come”

You did not pay for delivery by Friday. You paid for the item to be sent by first class post, which it was. At no point, either before or after your purchase, did you advise me that you wanted / needed this item for Friday. Had you done so, I would have politely explained that this was not possible, at least via the first class post option, and either advised you not to purchase, or refunded your payment had you already made it. The first I knew of your Friday target was your terse initial message to me.

“… poor communication …”

My responses to you have been timely and initially, at least, responded to your concerns in detail. eBay normally puts a deadline on responses of 48 hours (I think). My initial response was some time after your first message, but was sent virtually immediately upon seeing it. Thereafter, responses were within minutes and hours, not days. Poor communication is where you don’t get a response, or the response isn’t timely, or it doesn’t actually address the message you sent. Just because a message doesn’t give the answer you want to hear, doesn’t make it poor.

“… and rude attitude!”

I note that this feedback was left BEFORE my third message. I fail to see what was rude in my first two. Again, they may not have been what you wanted to hear, but that doesn’t make them rude.

So from this I would conclude that your feedback is untrue, unjustified, and at best ill-informed but probably malicious.

… 1 of 3

Message to buyer:
23 April, 2016 20:16

Dispatch Notification:

The only kernel of truth in everything you’ve said that I can see is your comment about dispatch notification. I can’t off hand recall when I would have done this, and given your attitude can’t be bothered to invest still more time trying to work it out, but you are probably right at it being Thursday morning. On my return from work at around 8am that morning, I prepared all of the orders I’d received for dispatch – i.e. got the disc(s), packed and addressed them, affixed stamps ready for posting, then marked them as ‘dispatched’. This may be a question of semantics or interpretation, but I would consider the dispatch process started at this point and it to be reasonable to mark them so. I then went to sleep, and posted them later that day on my way back to work. However, this would have been after the last collection time for that day. I choose to put stamps on rather than use eBay’s printed label facility. I would point out that if I were to use that, eBay’s dispatch notification is sent when the label is printed out not when they are posted, which they would have no way of knowing.

“There’s no need for your attitude Kevin, calling customers idiots that’s going to go down well. PS. I don’t care for your tone.”

You’re demonstrating your inability to understand the English language again. I did not call you an idiot, I wrote that we would leave it for readers to decide if you are one or I’m a fraud. And if I was calling anyone that, I wouldn’t be calling “customers” that in general, just you in particular. PS: I don’t particularly care whether you care or not. It seems it’s OK for you to call me a fraud and a liar, but not for me to respond in a mildly disrespectful manner.

2 of 3

Message to buyer:
23 April, 2016 20:17

Scanned Image and Comments:

I note that you have chosen to only include a scan of the top right hand corner of the envelope. Everything I send out has a return address label on the top left hand corner. It would seem logical to have included this, as proof this item was from me, and not some random item you’d chosen to claim was. Could it be, perhaps, that had you scanned the full image it would have also shown the one 5p and two 2p stamps also affixed, lifting the total postage to first class? And before you try to remove those stamps so you can try to prove your lie, explain perhaps how you were able to scan the item on a Saturday when it was only posted after collection time on Thursday night, if it WASN’T sent first class. Or will you be suggesting that I deliberately posted it on Thursday BEFORE last collection, in order to make an extra 12p? Strange that I should choose to do so only with your item, and not those processed before and after it, the delivery times for which will support my ascertion.

As for your profanities in the message, I don’t think I need comment. If readers haven’t worked out by now who is the likely ‘bad guy’ in all this, those comments will probably be the clincher.

Having tried twice with carefully crafted responses to politely point out where you might be mistaken, I now realise that this was pointless effort. So I don’t intend to waste any more time on you. Reply or not, I really don’t care.