Poly mailing bags are tough, water resistant, lightweight, and come with an adhesive seal. They’re very quick and easy to use. These bags come in a wide variety, both of colour and size. For colours other than grey you pay a premium. They’re quite a bit more expensive and unless you’re trying to build a corporate identity the extra cost is unnecessary. We’ve therefore opted for the grey version.

6×9″: These are the ideal size. Any smaller and they won’t fit the artwork. Much larger and you exceed the maximum letter size. The smallest quantity we’ve found them available in on eBay is ten for around £2. Be advised though, “6×9” seems to be a descriptive size but not necessarily an accurate one. We’ve got bags which are either big 6x9s or very under sized 8x10s. We currently get ours from Neotechs which are exactly the right size for our A5 card inserts.
9×12″: These exceed the maximum letter size, so be sure to restrict their size using sticky tape or similar. However they offer the flexibility to be used for other things. The smallest quantity on eBay is twenty for £0.99p.
Mixed: If you post lots of different sized items, a mixed selection might be worth considering. There’s a huge variety of combinations on eBay, but an example is 13 10×14″ and 12 12×16″ for £2.95p

We aim in the future to enable you to see what’s available without leaving this page, but for now you need to search eBay (or your preferred supplier) manually.

Be aware that if you use an alternative such as a jiffy bag, this may push your parcel over the accepted thickness of a letter, which is 5mm.