Step 3: Send the DVD

As soon as another member chooses your DVD simply pop it in the post to them.

Don’t send the jewel case. That moves your DVD into at least the next postage band. Besides, it’s not needed. They’ll have an empty case from the one they’ve supplied to someone else.

Do send the artwork from inside the case cover and any inserts that came with the disc. Effectively, you’re ‘selling’ the DVD – just delaying getting payment – and the recipient might want to keep it forever or should have all that’s necessary to pass it on when it’s no longer wanted.

You’ll find advice here on the site on how to ensure the DVD is well yet quickly and simply packed, along with small quantities of the materials you’d need which you can purchase if you so choose. You don’t HAVE to use the recommended materials, nor use materials from HERE. We’re just trying to help you minimise both the weight of the package and the time to process it, and offer appropriate SMALL quantities rather than you spending quite a lot on things you’ll probably never use up.