Step 2: Offer a DVD

You can’t get a DVD until you give a DVD, so the first thing to do is add one or more you’ll part with to your profile. How many you add is up to you but the wider the selection you offer, the higher the chance there’ll be one another member wants.

Each disc is ‘worth’ one credit, so if you offer a double DVD and someone accepts, you’ll be able to choose a double yourself, or two singles if you prefer. You must though offer each item as you bought it. For example if you have a two-disc DVD set, one disc with the film or show, the other with special features, you can’t offer just the first disc and keep the special features.

You’ll be able to withdraw DVDs offered through your profile. So for example if you only wanted to actually exchange one, you could offer a dozen different DVDs to ensure wide appeal, then withdraw eleven of them as soon as one has been chosen.

Don’t want to wait for someone to request one of your DVDs before getting one yourself? We’ll have some available for a small charge. In theory you’re buying the disc then sending it to us, which gives you one credit to select one yourself. Except that as it’s already with us you don’t have to actually send it. There’s no need to specify an individual DVD. All are available for members to choose. The next one that is, rather than sending ‘our’ DVD, that will be the one you bought which we’ll send on your behalf.