Step 1: Join

It will take but moments to become a member and registration will be free.

You can’t register as a member just yet because it really complicates things if we accept registrations while we’re developing the site. Sign up on the Members page to be notified as soon as registration is open. Once it is, you’ll need only three things:

  • An email address. We’ll send an activation link to this address so you’ll need to be able to access it.

  • A user name. You can choose pretty much anything though there are some constraints on the characters you can use. You’ll use this to log in each time you visit the site, so it shouldn’t be too long or complicated. You’ll also, if you prefer, be able to log in using your email address.

  • A screen name – the unique moniker shown to other people to identify you. This can be the same as your User Name or you can choose something different.

Only registered members will be able to use the exchange service.