Step 5: Get your DVD

Soon after you’ve made your selection, your chosen DVD will arrive through the post. It’s important to remember a timely acknowledgement of safe receipt. Until you confirm this the sending member won’t get a credit to choose one themselves.

So for just the cost of a second class stamp and a few pence for packaging, you’ve got something fresh to enjoy. It’s up to you if you want to keep the DVD you receive for ever or watch it once or twice then offer it again to exchange for something else.

You’ll be able to easily relist it, and add different ones if you choose. You can increase how many credits you have by buying a ‘stock’ DVD at any time. Or you can use the service just once and never use it again. Or you can sign up, see what’s available, but never actually participate. It’s entirely up to you!

That’s it in a nutshell. If you want to know when the exchange service goes live you can sign up on the Members page to be notified by email when registration is opened.

And in the meantime – of course – you can browse the DVDs and CDs we are currently offering for sale, to see if anything takes your fancy.