Step 4: Choose a DVD

Once the DVD you’ve sent is safely received, you’ll be able to select one for yourself from those offered by other members.

You’ll be able to browse a list of what is on offer under Discs which you’ll be able to filter to help you find something you might want. You can choose straight away or wait for as long as you want to see what else becomes available.

When you make your choice, you’ll also be shown what other – if any – DVDs that member is offering which you’ll be able to add should you wish, and should you have enough credit. You can send two discs without moving up a postage band, so long as there aren’t too many heavy inserts of course, so effectively posting number two is virtually free. Yes, this benefits the sender rather than the recipient, but if you’re offering multiple DVDs too that benefit gets passed on. And the fact that both you and the other member are interested in the same DVD shows that your tastes overlap, which bodes well for the chance of there being something else of mutual interest.