You can swap a DVD that has outlived its appeal for something fresh to watch in just the five simple steps shown below. Click each step for more details.

Only registered members will be able to use the EXCHANGE service. You can’t register just yet because it really complicates things if we accept registrations while we’re developing the site. Once registration is open, it will take but moments to join and will be free. You’ll need only three things to register:

  • An email address. We’ll send an activation link to this address so you’ll need to be able to access it.

  • A user name. You can choose pretty much anything though there are some constraints on the characters you can use. You’ll use this to log in each time you visit the site, so it shouldn’t be too long or complicated. You’ll also, if you prefer, be able to log in using your email address.

  • A screen name – the unique moniker shown to other people to identify you. This can be the same as your user name or you can choose something different.

You can’t GET a DVD until you GIVE a DVD, so the first thing to do is add one or more you’ll part with to your profile. How many you add is up to you but the wider the selection you offer, the higher the chance there’ll be one another member wants.

Each disc is ‘worth’ one credit, so if you offer a double DVD and someone accepts, you’ll be able to choose a double yourself, or two singles if you prefer. You must though offer each item as you bought it. For example if you have a two-disc DVD set, one disc with the film or show, the other with special features, you can’t offer just the main disc and keep the special features one.

You’ll be able to withdraw DVDs offered through your profile. So for example if you wanted to only actually exchange one, you could offer a dozen different DVDs to ensure wide appeal, then withdraw eleven of them as soon as one has been chosen.

Don’t want to wait for someone to request one of your DVDs before getting one yourself? We’ll have some available for a small charge. In theory you’re buying the disc then sending it to us, which gives you one credit to select one yourself. Except that as it’s already with us you don’t have to actually send it. There’s no need to specify an individual DVD. All are available for members to choose. The next one that is, rather than sending ‘our’ DVD, that will be the one you bought which we’ll send on your behalf.

As soon as another member chooses your DVD simply pop it in the post to them.

Don’t send the jewel case. That moves the package into at least the next postage band. Besides, it’s not needed. They’ll have an empty case from the one they’ve supplied to someone else.

Do send the artwork from inside the case cover and any inserts that came with the disc. Effectively, you’re selling the DVD – just delaying getting payment – and the recipient might want to keep it forever or should have all that’s necessary to pass it on when it’s no longer wanted.

You’ll find advice here on the site on how to ensure the DVD is well yet quickly and simply packed, along with small quantities of the materials you’d need which you can purchase if you so choose. You don’t HAVE to use the recommended materials, nor use materials from HERE. We’re just trying to help you minimise both the weight of the package and the time to process it, and offer appropriate SMALL quantities rather than you spending quite a lot on things you’ll probably never use up.

Once the DVD you’ve sent is safely received, you’ll be able to select one for yourself from those offered by other members.

You’ll be able to browse a list of what is on offer which you’ll be able to filter to help you find something you want. You can choose straight away or wait for as long as you want to see what else becomes available.

Soon after you’ve made your selection, your chosen DVD will arrive through the post. It’s important to remember a timely acknowledgement of safe receipt. Until you confirm this the sending member won’t get a credit to choose one themselves.

So for just the cost of a second class stamp and a few pence for packaging, you’ve got something fresh to enjoy. It’s up to you if you want to keep the DVD you receive for ever or watch it once or twice then offer it again to exchange for something else.

You’ll be able to easily relist it, and add different ones if you choose. You can increase how many credits you have by buying a ‘stock’ DVD at any time. Or you can use the service just once and never use it again. Or you can sign up, see what’s available, but never actually participate. It’s entirely up to you!

To know when registration is open and the EXCHANGE service goes live you can sign up on the MEMBERS page to be notified by email. And in the meantime – of course – you can browse the DVDs and CDs we are currently offering for sale, to see if anything takes your fancy.