Disc Covers

Clear Plastic Covers: There are a range of thicknesses for these. We’ve found the 80 micron version is durable enough to protect the disc, light enough to not adversely affect weight, and inexpensive – around £1.30 for 100 (on eBay). Unfortunately though, you do seem to need to buy in multiples of 100, which unless you’re intending to go into this in a big way is possibly a tad too many.
Paper Covers: These are probably sufficient to add an extra degree of protection to a disc that is already protected by artwork and card inserts and are a little cheaper. They still come in packs of 100 though, for £0.99 on eBay. We haven’t actually used them ourselves, to be honest. For some reason they just don’t seem as ‘professional’ as the plastic ones.


We aim in the future to enable you to see what’s available without leaving this page, but for now you need to search eBay (or your preferred supplier) manually.