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If it’s free, why do I need to register?

Registration stops bots spamming. You have to supply a real email address then activate your account via a link that we’ll send to it. Once you’re registered, we can use the email address to let you know when DVDs are posted that you might be interested in, and for other members to contact you by. (Messages are sent… Read More »

If it’s so good, why is it free?

The more members there are, the more DVDs available to other members. So the more likely it is to find ones of interest. So to encourage as many people as possible to register and to post DVDs for exchange, you don’t have to pay a penny to register or to use the facilities. Perhaps we’ll start charging a… Read More »

What are avatars and Gravatars?

An avatar is a graphical representation of you. It doesn’t have to be a photograph, it can – for instance – be a company logo. If you haven’t uploaded your own, and don’t have a Gravatar associated with the email address you used to register, you’ll be represented by the default avatar shown on the left. You can… Read More »

What powers this site?

It’s a WordPress installation, using a theme based on the Iconic One theme by Themonic. A score of plugins provide additional functionality where needed. We add to and remove these too frequently to maintain an accurate list, though one worth specifically naming and recommending is Custom Content Type Manager an extremely well documented plugin which really lets you… Read More »

What do I do if I come across something ‘weird’?

This website is constantly changing, so whilst we’re confident that things worked properly when we set them up, it’s not totally outside the realms of possibility that something we’ve later done has had an unforeseen consequence elsewhere. So if you try something, and something weird happens, let us know OK? While you’re waiting for a response, just carry… Read More »

Why does this site look ‘weird’?

Although they all basically do the same job, different browsers – of which there are several major ones in common use – actually render things to your screen in slightly different ways. To complicate things even more, within each type of browser you can usually personalise it quite a lot – for example by making the text size… Read More »

Who owns the copyright to what?

Things generally fall into one of three categories: graphics and text we’ve created ourselves; things we’ve got a licence or the copyright holder’s permission to use; publicly available graphics – such as the DVD images provided by IMDB. If it isn’t immediately obvious which is which, assume we own the copyright and ask us. (If we don’t own… Read More »

What is a ‘field’?

It’s a big patch of land full of grass or crops. But in computer terms it’s an area you can fill out, like First Name field and Town | City field. They can be text fields designed for just one or two words, text boxes designed for lots of words, date fields where the entry has to be… Read More »