Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just for DVDs or can I offer other discs?

We're concentrating on DVDs right now, but there's no reason why any other type of disc can't be exchanged in the same way in future. We plan to add blu-ray discs and CDs as soon as we can. After that, we hope to extend the exchange service to include CD-roms, games, etc.

How should I send a disc another member chooses?

There are no prescribed rules for this, but you may find it helpful to read the guidance notes here.

If it’s free, why do I need to register?

Registration stops bots spamming. You have to supply a real email address then activate your account via a link that we'll send to it. Once you're registered, we can use the email address to let you know when DVDs are posted that you might be interested in, and for other members to contact you by. (Messages are sent through the site - you don't have to give out your email address to anyone else, if you choose not to.) You can choose which kinds of email you do or do not receive. You can opt out of all of them if you prefer.

If it’s so good, why is it free?

The more members there are, the more DVDs available to other members. So the more likely it is to find ones of interest. So to encourage as many people as possible to register and to post DVDs for exchange, you don't have to pay a penny to register or to use the facilities. Perhaps we'll start charging a small fee once there are lots of members but by then you'll have found out just how valuable your membership is and will want to continue it. And of course if, by the remotest chance, you don't want to pay to subscribe you'll be under no obligation to.

What are avatars and Gravatars?

An avatar is a graphical representation of you. It doesn't have to be a photograph, it can - for instance - be a company logo. If you haven't uploaded your own, and don't have a Gravatar associated with the email address you used to register, you'll be represented by the default avatar shown on the left. You can change this in your dashboard. (more…)

Can I delete my account later if I change my mind?

Yes. Easily. And we won't bombard you with questions about why you left, promise. Besides … you won't delete it!

Are you registered under the Data Protection Act?

Visits to the site are recorded for statistical purposes but it isn't possible, nor do we want or need, to identify individuals from this information. [Actually it probably is, but it would be an awful lot of work so we'd have to really, really want to … and we really, really don't!] Some personal data is recorded if you choose to give it for your profile and for things like adding a DVD, asking questions and leaving comments. We are not registered under the DPA, and as best as we can make out don't need to be.

I can’t find a link back to where I came in.

There are a few items with no visible links to them, just because they're not relevant to the main purpose of the site; but, it's easier for us to include them here than set up a separate website to display them. The easiest options are: use the back button on your browser to return to the page you came in at; use a keyword or phrase in Search in the navigation bar to find the item again; reuse the original link that brought you to the site again.

Which button | key stroke | action blows my computer up?

None. Well, none we've found yet anyway. The site's fairly robust too. And regularly backed up. So the short answer is ... "Try it, see what happens." [If something DOES blow your computer up, let us know, OK? That would be rather cool!]

What powers this site?

It's a WordPress installation, using a theme based on the Iconic One theme by Themonic. A score of plugins provide additional functionality where needed. We add to and remove these too frequently to maintain an accurate list, though one worth specifically naming and recommending is Custom Content Type Manager an extremely well documented plugin which really lets you go to town with custom stuff. If you come across a feature or behaviour you'd like to emulate on your own website, by all means ask how it's done. We'll be delighted to share. :-)

What do I do if I come across content that I find objectionable?

Stuff we post ourselves is, we believe, family-friendly. Visitors can post comments freely. So that we don't delay these items they're not usually moderated. Of course we expect visitors to be sensible and considerate, and not to post inappropriate material. But it could happen. If you come across something that you think is, let us know. We'll take a look as soon as we can, and where necessary amend or delete it.

What do I do if I come across something ‘weird’?

This website is constantly changing, so whilst we're confident that things worked properly when we set them up, it's not totally outside the realms of possibility that something we've later done has had an unforeseen consequence elsewhere. So if you try something, and something weird happens, let us know OK? While you're waiting for a response, just carry on as normal. It's unlikely (we hope) that anything you do will seriously break things!

How do I contact you if I need to?

See Help for your options.

Why does this site look ‘weird’?

Although they all basically do the same job, different browsers - of which there are several major ones in common use - actually render things to your screen in slightly different ways. To complicate things even more, within each type of browser you can usually personalise it quite a lot - for example by making the text size bigger or smaller. If that doesn't make things complicated enough, it also depends on the kind of screen you're trying to view the site on. A wide screen rendering will look quite different from the more traditional 'squarer' terminals, and if you're trying to view in a smartphone app or Blackberry, it will look different again. So with all these variables, it's impossible to predict exactly what you'll see, though we do try to make sure it's something you can live with in most cases. If it isn't, tell us! Of course, there's always a very small possibility we've just tried to do something that has gone horribly wrong. But if that's the case, we'll already be working on things trying to put them back how they were!

Who owns the copyright to what?

Things generally fall into one of three categories: graphics and text we've created ourselves; things we've got a licence or the copyright holder's permission to use; publicly available graphics - such as the DVD images provided by IMDB. If it isn't immediately obvious which is which, assume we own the copyright and ask us. (If we don't own it, we'll tell you.) The legalese regarding copyright can be read here.

What is a ‘field’?

It's a big patch of land full of grass or crops. But in computer terms it's an area you can fill out, like First Name field and Town | City field. They can be text fields designed for just one or two words, text boxes designed for lots of words, date fields where the entry has to be made in a particular way, number fields which will contain - surprisingly enough - numbers, radio fields where you get an either / or choice, drop down boxes where you usually get to choose just one of the options, check boxes where you could tick - or not tick - as many as are appropriate ... the list isn't endless, but it's long!

 What are tag filters and how do they work?

At the top of screens containing multiple items you'll sometimes find followed by words or phrases written like this These are tags. Each post can have one or more tags linked to it. When you click a tag the post list is regenerated to show only those tagged with what you've chosen. The list of tags itself may also change to be only those of the posts now listed. You can choose a second tag and the process will be repeated ... effectively, an 'AND' query, showing only those items that have the first AND the second tag. Chosen tags are shown like this. You can keep choosing tags, and hence narrowing the list, as long as they are there to choose. If you change your mind about a tag, you can remove it by clicking it. You can do this in any order ... not just that in which they were added. If you've chosen several and want to start again, click on to reset the filter.

If I give you my email address, am I going to regret it?

We REALLY hate spam! So, we're not (intentionally!) going to be guilty of spamming ourselves. Nor will we sell / rent / give your email address to other parties who might. Our full Privacy Policy is here.

I found something on this website that I really like. Can I use it on my own site?

You should see our copyright policy here for full details, but the quick answer is tell us what it is and ask us. If the permission is ours to give, we'll usually give it, so long as we're suitably credited obviously.